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Best Ways to add Florals to your Home

Gone are the days when floral home decorations meant you were probably living in a different century. But that is until now. Yes, that’s right, florals are making a comeback and they... read more

Work Some Pattern into your Home and add Life to your Living Space

Plain walls and streamline, minimalistic furnishings can look pretty boring, not to mention that they don’t really make your house a home. But you can easily change that and add some textured... read more

Stylish Ways to Add Red into your Home this Holiday Season

If there’s one color that goes perfectly with the festive season it is red. It’s bright, warm and inviting, and it brings a bold touch of color to add joy to a... read more

How Crystals Can Transform Your Home

Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries for various purposes and in various forms, with one major purpose being their perceived ability to heal. That’s right, there are crystals that are... read more

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