Monthly Archives: February 2015

Plumbing DIY: When to DIY and When to call the plumber

“Call the plumber”. Is there any sound so terrifying? You can actually feel your wallet getting lighter inside your pocket. If fixing a leak or clearing a drain strikes fear deep in... read more

8 items that boost your insurance rates

Insurance is one of those things we all hate to pay unless we’ve had an insurable loss. Homeowners insurance is paying every month for something that is unlikely to happen. It’s also... read more

3 Ways to Remodel Your Home to Make It Safe for Children

Whether you’re trying to make your house safer for your child or you’re only now just expecting, you’ve probably been reading a lot of parenting material. But with all of the things... read more

Affordable Gadgets That Make Your Home Feel High Tech.

One of the great things about technology is that there are many affordable options that make you feel like you just walked into the home of a rockstar. You don’t have to... read more

Lighting your home for maximum effect

How you light up your home can have a dramatic affect on how your home looks and feels. A dimly lit room can feel romantic, cozy, scary, or cold. A brightly lit... read more

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