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28 Ways To Transform An Old Chair

You’ll find at least a dozen old, neglected chairs at any thrift store or flea market. They might be ugly or dated, but you’d be surprised how much potential there is, especially... read more

6 Great Reasons To List Your Home This Spring

Spring is finally here with all its colors, flowers, and warm breezes, making it feel like the perfect time to make big changes: like selling your home. After all, that drive for... read more

April Showers Don’t Just Bring May Flowers

Spring is a wonderful season, but it definitely has its drawbacks. What are you doing to protect your home from things like water damage and insects? Water Damage With record snow and... read more

How to Keep Your Lawn Healthy While Conserving Water

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to (hopefully) put away the snow shovels and bring the lawnmowers out of hibernation as everything comes back to life. After such an unusually... read more

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