6 Great Reasons To List Your Home This Spring

Home for sale in Spring.

Spring is finally here with all its colors, flowers, and warm breezes, making it feel like the perfect time to make big changes: like selling your home. After all, that drive for change is hitting potential home-buyers this time of year, too.

So if you’re ready to make that move and list your house—or if you’re not sure you’re ready yet—here are six perfect reasons to take the leap.

1. Spring is the traditional “buying season”

The first reason is simply this: spring is traditionally when more homes sell than at any other time of the year. It’s when people plan to buy and sell homes, and it’s when real estate agents are prepared to handle more clients and higher volume.

2. There’s higher demand

More buyers are looking for houses in the spring for a few reasons. For families, it’s the best time to start the process of moving so they can be settled before starting kids in a new school. And in terms of logistics, it’s easier to go through the process of packing and moving in warmer weather than it is in the cold or even in snow and ice.

Plus, like we mentioned above, spring is a natural time for people to want a change of scenery.

3. You can get higher prices

This is the why the market heats up in the spring: since it’s the time when people want to buy a new home and move, they’re willing to pay a higher price for the home they want. If you’re doing your part as a seller, you’re likely to get more money for your home in the spring and early summer than at any other time of the year.

4. Everything looks better in spring

Spring is the perfect time of year for curb appeal. Once the snow is gone for good and those temperatures start to climb, you can show off your landscaping at its best. With bright, cheerful flowers in bloom and blossoms appearing on trees, you can have your home looking like a spring haven—with nature doing a lot of the work.

It’s the easiest and best time to bring those spring flowers inside, too, to freshen up your interiors for showings and open houses.

5. It’s when you were going to clean everything anyway

If you do your regular spring cleaning to clear the winter staleness out of your home, then it’s not going to seem like much of a burden to add a handful of deep-cleaning items to your checklist.

It’s the time when we all want to clear out clutter and get organized, too. What better way to start getting your home ready for the spring market?

6. You were already going to refresh your décor, too

With the approach of spring you were probably already craving lighter, brighter, and more cheerful décor. Luckily, you can find colorful and inviting décor everywhere so you can stage the perfect spring home.

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