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6 More Beautiful Built-in Ideas

There’s simply no better way to get the look and feel of a well-made custom home than built-in furniture. We’ve already talked about some classic choices and some more unexpected ones. Of... read more

6 Gorgeous Ideas For Built-ins

There’s something about built-ins that makes a home look and feel not just custom-made, but well made—and beautiful, too. They make real statements in a home by adding architectural detail, storage space,... read more

How Your Home Can Help You Beat Winter Blues

  Once the holidays are over, winter can be a real test of emotional endurance. Short cold days without a lot of sunlight and weeks upon weeks of cold weather can wear... read more

Top Ten Things to Look For in Your Next Home

If you’re starting the process of looking for a new home, you might be thinking that the last thing you need is more to think about. But once you’ve figured out the... read more

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