Top Ten Things to Look For in Your Next Home

Top ten things to look for in your new Perry Home, Utah.

If you’re starting the process of looking for a new home, you might be thinking that the last thing you need is more to think about. But once you’ve figured out the basic logistical questions like bedrooms and locations, it’s time to think about the things that will make the difference between a home you settle for and a home you love. After all, when you move into your new home you don’t want to be dreaming of somewhere else.

In that vein, here are the top ten things to look for so your next home isn’t just your next home—it’s your dream home.


1. An Open Floor Plan

There’s nothing like that feel of open space and room to move around. There’s also a big difference in feeling between a home that’s closed off at every turn and one that draws you effortlessly in.


2. Room to Gather

Maybe it’s the perfect living room for family time or an ideal patio for dinner parties. It should feel like home within a home, where family and friends come together naturally. After all, isn’t that what home really means?


3. Wood Floors

For a beautiful modern home, wood floors are a must-have. Classic and up-to-date, they add warm tones and clean lines, are easy to keep clean, and allow you to customize your look with area rugs that fit your style.


4. Natural Light

Natural light is another must-have. It’s literally the best light to cast your home in, and getting plenty of it not only makes a home feel bigger and brighter—it boosts your mood and productivity, too.


5. Built-ins

Built-ins are on trend for being both beautiful and useful. They provide storage and display space, and they add character to any room. They’re a big plus for resale value.


6. Bonus Space

You may not need another bedroom, but having a versatile space that can be what you need it to be over the years is a smart choice for any homebuyer. An office, a guest room, a toy room, a library—you decide.


7. Storage

We all know the ideal is to simply not have so much stuff. But for all the things you can’t throw away, there needs to be space for sensible, organized storage. A home with built-in shelving and plenty of closets is the way to go.


8. Smart Landscaping

Look for landscaping that makes sense for the area you’re in. And pay attention to the details. Is that tree in front of the window going to be a real problem in five years—or are things just right for now and down the road?


9. Care

You’ll know immediately if a home hasn’t been taken care of, but look for signs that it’s been taken care of well. You plan to take care of your home—find one that’s used to being cared for.


10. Character

This is that je-ne-sais-quoi category: does the home feel like it has a life and personality? And does it feel like you?

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