Monthly Archives: September 2015

The Eternal Question: Where Should I Put The TV?

Once upon a time, TVs were fat bulky things that required you to have even bulkier furniture if you wanted to hide them away from view. Now that big tube TVs are... read more

Beautify with Books

Cicero famously said that “a room without books is like a body without a soul.” Shelves filled with books can be a thing of beauty all on their own, but there are... read more

Landscaping From The Inside

Let’s be honest: even the most beautiful home can be dragged down by lackluster landscaping. But it’s as true when you’re looking from the inside as it is from the outside. The... read more

The Best Fall Hikes In Northern Utah

There’s nothing quite like the mountains in fall, as you know if you’re lucky enough to call northern Utah home. With cooler temperatures and fantastic fall colors making their debut, there’s no... read more

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