Monthly Archives: January 2016

Trendy Ways to Decorate Your Shelves

There’s almost no easier or more effective way to update and freshen up a room than to rearrange what’s on your shelves. Whether it’s a mantel, a hutch, a bookcase, or simple... read more

Which Interior Design Style Fits Your Taste?

If you’re looking to decorate or redecorate your home, or even just a room or two, chances are you have an idea of what you want, or what you like. If you’re... read more

The Best Vegetables to Plant in Northern Utah

Nothing says home quite like your own vegetable garden, and nothing makes home cooking better than produce fresh from your own backyard. The vegetables in the list below are the best vegetables... read more

The Best Way to Unpack After a Move

Hopefully you’re reading this before you move—ideally, before you’ve even packed for your move. Because no matter what happens on the other end, the best way to make sure unpacking will be... read more

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