Trendy Ways to Decorate Your Shelves

There’s almost no easier or more effective way to update and freshen up a room than to rearrange what’s on your shelves. Whether it’s a mantel, a hutch, a bookcase, or simple wall shelves, you can change things up and up your design game with these trending items:


Arrange bottles, jars, jugs, or pitchers in different colors of glass. You want to keep things light, so don’t choose pieces that feel too heavy. For an extra rustic touch, tie different lengths of twine in simple bows around the necks of bottles or the mouths of mason jars.

And don’t forget vases. For a soft touch, add a small vase with a single flower to any shelf.


These beauties are rightfully popular for their color, fun shapes, and ease of care. If you want to bring some life into your home but ordinary house plants aren’t your thing, try a collection of little cacti with in different shapes and textures. You won’t be sorry.


If you have beautiful dishes, why hide them away? Take advantage of what you have. Pieces that are used rarely can serve as décor almost anywhere in the house.

But even normal dishes can look lovely in low stacks, especially if you have different sizes you can layer and top with a matching mug. Simple, elegant white dishes or other monochromatic sets, whether matched or mismatched, are perfect for storing in plain sight.


Open storage in your kitchen has become more and more popular as people embrace simpler ideas of design and living. And it’s not only practical. If you’re into a rustic, cottage, or lodge style look in your home, you can even add wooden shelves to your kitchen or dining area and use them to store dishes, pots, utensils, and other good-looking culinary items.


Create small stacks of books chosen for visual appeal, especially color, and arranged by size (with the smallest on top, of course). If you’re looking for color, especially neutrals, remember to try taking the dust jackets off of hardcover books. Chances are the cover underneath is simply done in a single color and perfect for your arrangement.


A row of mid- to large-size framed art looks stunning arranged across a single shelf. For maximum effect, try black and white photos in simple frames, or go with color prints with large mats and matching frames in different sizes.

All of the Above

Mix and match your favorite pieces in all of these categories that will fit the color and feel of the room. Try a vase, a pitcher, and your prettiest cookbooks on a kitchen shelf. Combine art, books, and mason jars on the mantel for a winning combination.

But remember, you don’t have to cover every inch. Leave some space open between and around things so they can breathe. You’ll breathe better too if your space doesn’t feel cluttered.

So take a look at your shelves and see what stylish combinations you can dream up.


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