Monthly Archives: May 2017

How to Choose Gorgeous Window Treatments

Window treatments are just one of the many pieces in a well-designed space. Uninspired curtains or blinds won’t ruin the room, but the right ones can instantly take a room from normal... read more

Stunning Spring Updates for Every Room

Now that spring is in full force, it’s time for some updating. We don’t mean large-scale renovations, though spring is usually the perfect time for those, too. All it takes are some... read more

What Can Your Backyard Give Back? Part 2: Fauna

Earlier this month, we explored ways to turn your Utah backyard into a cornucopia of home-grown fruits, berries, and herbs.   Depending on the regulations in your neighborhood, you may be able... read more

What Can Your Backyard Give Back? Part 1: Flora

Landscaping and outdoor maintenance are a vital part of home ownership, but while the front yard might be best used for expressing your style to the neighborhood or for projecting a certain... read more

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