How to Choose Gorgeous Window Treatments

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Window treatments are just one of the many pieces in a well-designed space. Uninspired curtains or blinds won’t ruin the room, but the right ones can instantly take a room from normal to gorgeous.

But how do you figure out which ones are the right ones?

The most important questions are about the room: first, what’s its style or feel? And second, what does it need?

Here’s our guide to picking out the perfect window treatments for any room in your home.

If the room’s style is…

Clean and simple:

Opt for classic white blinds or single-color Roman shades. Either way, you’ll have an option that’s no-fuss, easy to clean, and gives a beautiful streamlined effect that won’t overpower other elements in the room.

Elegant and luxurious:

Look for thick, floor-length tie-back drapes with matching valances. They will add to the lush, upscale feel of the room, especially if you choose a brocade with plenty of detail in its design.

Bright and breezy:

If you like things feeling lightweight and easy going, the clear choice is long curtains in sheer fabrics. They give a soft feel and are perfect for keeping things simple—especially if you still like privacy with your natural light.

Cheeky or vintage:

Curtains don’t have to cover the whole window, of course, and there’s something to be said for a valance with a fun print or even text. The valance shape makes it vintage, and the print keeps it fun. It’s also a perfect option for kids’ rooms (as long as privacy isn’t an issue).

Comfortable and stylish:

If your room is a meld of stylish and practical, there’s no need to choose just one style. Shutters and curtains make a fantastic and useful combination that let you choose exactly how much light and privacy you want. You can get the same effect by layering sheer curtains with blackouts over top.

Eclectic or maximalist:

The philosophy of “more is more” doesn’t have to stop at the windows. Cover single windows with a single panel tied to one side for an asymmetrical look. And there’s no need to have all your panels the same. If you choose coordinating panels instead of identical ones, you can help carry over some of the eclectic elements from the rest of the room.

Sweet and casual:

Try café curtains, especially for a kitchen or casual dining area. Café curtains only to halfway up the window, so they offer privacy and lots of light at the same time. Add a valance on top and you have a cute and casual look.

Soft and romantic:

Look for ruched pull-downs, balloon shades, or relaxed Roman shades. Their flow and curved lines let you keep the soft feel while adding the color and texture you need with your choice of material and pattern.

Neutral and natural:

Choose blinds or shades in either bamboo or woven wood. Either choice gives wonderful texture and a neutral, natural look. You can even take it a step further by hanging repurposed burlap.

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