6 Gorgeous Ideas For Built-ins

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There’s something about built-ins that makes a home look and feel not just custom-made, but well made—and beautiful, too. They make real statements in a home by adding architectural detail, storage space, and resale value.

Here are 6 of our favorite built-in ideas:


1. Half Shelves, Half Cabinets

With shelves on top and cabinets on the bottom, this style of built-ins keeps the view interesting and allows you versatility for both display and storage.

In a living area, office, or home library, you can fill the shelves with books and your favorite decorative pieces, and then fill the bottom with whatever you need to hide away. And in a dining area or kitchen, this style is perfect for replacing a hutch or buffet.


2. Under-the-Stairs Shelving

All too often, this space simply goes to waste. Built-in shelving makes sure that you’re getting the most out of your square-footage—and it’s certainly more interesting to look at than a blank wall. Depending on where your stairs are, you can use these shelves as open, decorative storage, or hidden storage with cupboard doors.


3. Dining Nook

Adding a booth-style or bench nook to the kitchen is a convenient and cozy place to have breakfast. It’s also the perfect place for small gatherings so everyone can be comfortable in the kitchen—and the cook doesn’t have to miss out on any of the conversations. And for homes with little kids, it’s the perfect spot for an afternoon snack.


4. Desk Plus

For a home office or bonus room, adding built-in desk space helps you keep the room open, giving you all the benefits of a free-standing desk without losing any of the room’s other possibilities. Two of our favorite options are to put the workspace between wall-high bookshelves (also built-in, of course) or to build a corner desk with shelves rising above it.


5. Window Seat

Nothing says cozy quite like a window seat. Whether it’s for curling up with a book or chatting with a friend, it’s the perfect built-in to add a little more peace and tranquility to your space and your life.


6. Beds

There are several ways to use built-ins to customize a bedroom. Building a “headboard” out of shelves lets you use that space for both storage and décor. Add sconces on either side for light, and it even gets rid of the need for bedside tables. If you like having a proper headboard, go ahead and build shelving on either side, which leaves room for wall décor above the bed, too.

You can even opt for a built-in bed. If it’s right for your family, built-in bunk beds can be an incredible space-saver in your home. They can also give you a much more modern feel than many of the freestanding bunk beds on the market. Just keep in mind that if they’re not a must-have for your family, built-in bunk beds could be a drawback for resale.


That said, built-ins are very popular in today’s market, and they’re almost guaranteed to attract buyers.

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