Affordable Gadgets That Make Your Home Feel High Tech.

One of the great things about technology is that there are many affordable options that make you feel like you just walked into the home of a rockstar. You don’t have to break into walls and rewire your house either. Many options are run right from the palm of your hand with your smartphone, computer, or notepad.

Cosmix LED by tiger light / speaker and AWOX strumlight looks like your typical light bulb but comes with a remote and pairs up with your bluetooth enabled Mp3 player or smartphone. They’re compatible with most web based music programs or can play from your phones playlist.

Another gadget for the music lover is the Kohler Moxie shower head. It cleans. It massages. It plays your favorite music through your bluetooth enabled device. They water spray will sound like thousands of tiny hands applauding your rock star singing abilities.

The Sonos wifi speaker can be placed anywhere you want to hear music. Like the Cosmix and AWOX lights, it pairs with your bluetooth enabled phone and delivers a loud and clear sound.

Simplicikey allows you to lock your doors from anywhere through your smartphone or computers. It comes with a key fob and opens with the push of a button. You can issue temporary codes to give access to workmen or a neighbor and once they’re done, you can confirm your house is locked up safe.

The Schlage camelot touch screen deadbolt can be installed with a screwdriver. It uses the same hole that was made for the original lock. You can assign a different code for up to 30 users. The alarm sounds if it senses tampering or forced entry.

Sleep IQ by Select Comfort is on the higher end of the price scale ($999 -$10,500) but is oh-so-cool. With a remote on both sides of the bed to control the firmness setting, you can find just the right setting for you and your sleep partner. The sleep IQ technology records your heart rate, breathing rate, movements, and more, in order to evaluate your sleep habits. In the morning you can get a report that shows what you can do to get a better nights sleep. Frankly, a better nights sleep is worth a million dollars.

King Heated mattress cover is probably lower tech than some of these other gadgets but think about how cool it would be to climb into a heated bed at the end of a cold winter day. Each side heats independently with its own remote and it shuts off automatically if used in an unsafe way and so you don’t get overheated.

Programmable thermostats are not new but they have upgraded. The Nest Labs Programmable Thermostat learns your preferences and automatically changes the temperature of your home. It can help you lower your monthly electricity bills by heating and cooling your home more efficiently.

The Rumba and Deebot will vacuum your house for you. With sensors to help guide them, your furniture and Fido are safe. Once they finish vacuuming they return to their base to charge themselves so they’re ready to go next time.

Husqvarna Automower works similar to the Rumba and Deebot except it mows your lawn. It’s more expensive than a run of the mill lawn mower but it’s really the coolness factor is out of this world

Philips Hue Light Bulbs help you change the look at feel of your home with colored lighting.The LED color changing technology lets you change the color of light in your room along with your mood. It comes with a remote control or can be controlled through your smartphone, computer or notepad.

Home security used to be complicated and came with expensive monthly monitoring fees. Today’s security systems have evolved into something customizable and affordable. Now you can control your home’s security, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, lighting, and cameras from your smartphone, computer or notebook and you can pick and choose the components that work for you. Components start at around $25. Purchase the parts that are most important to you, then gradually add the things from your wish list. Piper all in one, ISmart alarm , Oplinks security, Viper home , and Simply Safe are just a few of the home security options out there.

QuorkieAros smart air conditioner learns your habits and preferences. It automatically adjust the temperature for when you are home or away and when you sleep.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer is more than just a scale. It checks your weight, BMI, body composition and even the air quality in your room. It tracks several family members at once and you can send the information to your smartphone app

The SkyBell has a small camera that lets you see who’s there. It rings directly to your smartphone. No more guessing or running unnecessarily to the door when you don’t need to.
ITouchless has a variety of automatic products from soap dispensers to garbage cans. Each works with the wave of your hand. Just like magic.

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