How Crystals Can Transform Your Home


Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries for various purposes and in various forms, with one major purpose being their perceived ability to heal. That’s right, there are crystals that are considered to have magical healing powers. So what better way to harness their powers than to have them keeping the balance right in your own home.

Himalayan Salt

Otherwise known as Pink Halite, Himalayan Salt has become a rather fashionable crystal in recent years, appearing in stylish homes all over the world. As well as being of benefit to your health when it’s consumed, Himalayan Salt is also thought to have healing properties when it’s simply sitting in your home.
By now, you will probably have seen Himalayan Salt crafted into lamps, which are natural home decorations that not only give off a very relaxing glow when lit, but may also help to purify the air in your home. The rock salt is said to absorb the moisture in the air, and all the allergens in the air at the same time. When the moisture eventually evaporates back out, the allergens and dust particles are said to remain trapped in the salt.


Quartz has been used throughout the centuries, from ancient civilizations to present day, as it is said to create a balance within your mind and body. It is believed that it can clear your mind of negative thoughts.
There are also different types of quartz that can have additional healing powers, such as Rose Quartz, which is known as a crystal that harnesses love and romance. It is thought that it might allow you to open your heart and be more open to forgiveness. Smoky Quartz is another variety that is said to protect you from stress and negativity and allows positive thoughts to flow freely.
Having Quartz crystals dotted around your home can add a touch of sparkle to your home decor while also helping to keep the energy in your home calm and positive. Hallways can be a good place to have your Quartz, to provide good energy as soon as you enter your home.


Celestite, sometimes known as Celestine, is a delicate blue colored crystal that is known for its relaxing properties. It may also be beneficial for aiding sleep, so this could be a good crystal for placing on your nightstand or somewhere in your bedroom. As well as looking fabulous with the rest of your home decorations, Celestine is also thought to be powerful at easing stress and muscle pain from your body.


This vibrant orange colored crystal has been used since ancient times for its ability to help attract wealth and fortune. Carnelian is also thought to promote the imagination by allowing your mind to be free of unwanted thoughts and open to connect to the creative side of your mind. This crystal could be a good addition to your home decor in an office or room where you want to be able to focus and find inspiration.

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