Work Some Pattern into your Home and add Life to your Living Space

Utah home builder modern living room interior with black and white checked pattern pillows and carpet

Plain walls and streamline, minimalistic furnishings can look pretty boring, not to mention that they don’t really make your house a home. But you can easily change that and add some textured home decorations to liven up your living space and bring some home comforts to your home decor.

We all want our homes to look stylish and chic but at the same time we need them to be functional, fit for purpose and, most of all, comfortable for the whole family. And that’s where patterns come in. You can transform a living space simply by adding a little bit of stylish design to bring your room together.


Mixing up the textures in your home can help to give your space more dimensions. Add a pattern to the texture and you’ve got yourself some additional design elements.

By adding a rug to your home you can enhance its look as well as helping to bring the space together to create a much cozier environment. A soft sheepskin rug can do the trick if you’re not quite ready to add a patterned design into the mix.

However, a patterned rug in a geometric print can create a warm, modern look and can act as a statement piece to bring the rest of your home decor into the design. Don’t be afraid of bold colors, as long as they won’t clash with any of your other home decorations, but if you want to keep it soft and natural then opt for neutral colors and pastel shades, as this will still give you the desired look.


Adding a patterned fabric to your room can be a stylish way of showing off your personality and giving your home a cozy, homely feel. A patterned chair can be a fabulous addition to both a bedroom and living room, especially if the rest of your home decor is lacking dimension or color.

Reupholstering existing furniture is becoming more and more popular, so this can be a great way of upcycling your furniture and gaining something new and stylish out of it, while it retains its original charm.

A plaid fabric can add a chic country touch to your home, while a soft floral fabric can give it a stylish, traditional look. Geometric prints are also fantastic for adding a sleek, modern feel to your home decor, helping to bring the rest of your space up to date.


The walls in your home are a wonderful way of updating your home decor. More and more homebuilders are also opting for designs that incorporate patterns and textures in order to show off their model homes. So why not take a leaf out of a stylist’s book and add some pattern to your own walls.

There’s no need to go overboard with this – there is such a thing as too much pattern and you don’t want the walls to feel like they’re closing in on you. Pick a feature wall to add your design or texture. In the kitchen, you might try adding the pattern to your backsplash to give it a stylish edge that enhances the rest of the space.

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