Best Ways to add Florals to your Home

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Gone are the days when floral home decorations meant you were probably living in a different century. But that is until now. Yes, that’s right, florals are making a comeback and they are fast becoming a trendy way to add some color and style to your home decor.

Fashions come and go but as we all know, they usually all come back around at some point; some of them welcome, others not so much. But flowers have become a new trend in home decor, bringing a modern twist to this traditionally feminine style.

Wall Art

Having flowers on your walls can be a fantastic way of bringing those beautiful outdoor blooms indoors. Floral wallpaper doesn’t have to be gaudy and bold. You can add this trend by choosing a delicate floral pattern that will enhance your room without being distracting. Pastel colors can work well for toning down a loud print and keeping the rest of your home decorations in neutral or pastel shades, such as rose pink or lilac can help to bring the space together to create a sophisticated look.

If you don’t feel like floral wallpaper is your thing you can always add floral prints in the form of artwork. Classic and simple floral pieces bring a touch of old-time glamor and femininity to your home decor. Smaller frames can work well when grouped together for a shabby chic look and larger artwork can make a wonderful statement piece in a bedroom.

Home Decorations

You don’t have to call in the homebuilders to overhaul your home for this chic new trend, you can simply add some smaller home decorations with a flower theme to effortlessly modernize your home decor.

There are a whole bunch of products out there with a floral print so you can probably choose anything you like to brighten up your home. But why not try adding some flowers to your kitchen and dining accessories, such as crockery. Serving up delicious meals and snacks on floral plates is bound to go down a treat.

Flower inspired centerpieces or candle holders are also a subtle way of bringing this floral theme into your home.

Floral Accents

Rose shaped cushions or floral printed fabrics can add a fresh and delicate touch to your living room and can be a fabulous way of brightening up your home decor. If you’re feeling bold, a floral patterned fabric on a chair can make a beautiful statement piece in your room.

Bedrooms are a great space for highlighting your personal style and tastes, and bringing floral accents can instantly transform your bedroom into a relaxing environment that’s perfect for getting some rest. Floral bedding is all the rage right now and there are a variety of designs that will suit every taste, from bright and bold to soft and delicate.

Floral chandeliers are a hot new trend, which can brighten up any room or dining table and you can always style it to blend in with your space. And don’t forget, you can always enhance a room by simply adding in some real flowers in a pretty vase.


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