When To Hire An Interior Designer

Ideas for beautiful home décor and incredible home renovations are everywhere right now, from reality TV to Pinterest to dozens of online DIY sites. With images, tutorials, and inspiration all around, it’s never been easier to be your own designer and turn your home into your dream home.

But unless you have a very clear vision, an unlimited budget, and a whole lot of time, it’s still not easy to get results like the ones you see on TV.

So if you really want your home to look like the ones the professionals design, the solution is simple: hire a professional designer.

Here are 5 situations when bringing in a designer is definitely the right choice:

1. When you know what you want but can’t quite picture it

Maybe you know what colors you want to use. Maybe you know what design style you like best. Or maybe you know what you want the space to feel like, but you need help hashing out the details to make it a reality.

If that describes you, get a designer’s help. They’ll know how best to use your favorite colors, what pieces will create the effect you want, and how to tie everything together into a picture-perfect space.

2. When you need a compromise

If you’re not the only one in the house with strong opinions about how things should look, you may need to bring in a third party to create a compromise. Ideally, that third party should be a designer who can find a way to incorporate both your visions into a cohesive interior.

They may also be the best person to suggest an alternative style that will suit you both instead of trying to stitch together something completely new.

3. When you want big changes

If you’re looking for a fresh start, get a designer so you can get it right the first time. Whether you’re moving into a brand new house or just want to start over, it will make your life easier—after all, you have plenty of other things to worry about.

The same reasons apply if you’re moving into an older home that needs plenty of TLC or you’re looking into major renovations on an existing home. Especially with renovations, mistakes in design can hurt your home’s resale value.

With a designer, you can make sure the changes you’re making will fit with the rest of the house and will make your home easier to sell down the road.

4. When you don’t have time for DIY

If you don’t have hours, days, or months to spend scouring the internet, finding the perfect materials, and putting in the physical work, decide on a budget and hire a designer. You’ll probably like the results better.

5. When you’re thinking of renting out

Renting a property, or even part of your home, can make a lot of financial sense. The best way to get renters? Make it look irresistible. And the best way to do that? Hire a designer.

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