Ways to Inspire your Kids in the Garden

Little kid in the garden with watering can

Getting your kids away from their gadgets and out into the fresh air can often be a struggle. But getting them involved in your gardening tasks can be a fantastic way of distracting them from their tablets and phones. Kids are naturally curious, so the trick is to show them aspects of gardening that they’re likely to find interesting and entertaining.

Gardening can add a new level to your home decor and in many ways, it can even be considered a form of home decor itself. After all, a garden does decorate your home, whether it’s inside or out. And not only that, it’s also great for lowering stress levels, meaning both you and your kids will benefit from this relaxing pastime.

One thing that kids love is cacti and making a cactus garden can be an easy way of giving your kids their own garden to look after. Cacti can make fantastic indoor plants and in most areas of Utah you can also plant them outside, as long as you choose the right varieties. Prickly pear cacti tend to be the most hardy and can better withstand cold weather. Growing your cactus garden indoors can boost your home decorations by bringing a little of bit of nature to your interior design, and can be ideal for a child’s bedroom. Try choosing various small cactus varieties for an indoor garden, place them in a large pot and once they’re planted, decorate the top with sand and pebbles to give it a rustic look.

Another way of enticing your kids into the garden is to build a fairy garden. Fairy gardens have been on the rise in recent years and that’s all the more reason why you should have one of your own. As well as looking adorably cute, fairy gardens can be a wonderful way to inspire your child’s imagination while getting them closer to nature. Making one doesn’t have to be complicated and it can be as big or small as you want – whatever suits the space you have. One simple pot can be transformed into a magical fairy garden by simply adding some dwarf plants, such as asparagus fern, wood sorrel, golden Japanese stone crop and gray lavender cotton. Then give it some home decorations for a cozy look. Add a little fence, some pebble stepping stones, a saucer of water for a pond or even a little fairy house. You can easily pick up tiny houses and miniature furniture at craft stores, and once you get started you’ll end up wanting to build an entire fairy village. For an even simpler fairy garden, simply stick or paint a tiny door on the bottom of one of your pots and glue on some pebbles and moss to give it that magic touch.

There are many ways of encouraging your kids to get involved in gardening. Even simple things like planting fruit seeds so they can watch their plants grow and then harvest the fruit. Planting a tree can also be a fantastic thing to do with your kids, as they can watch it grow, just as they grow.


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