Transform your Living Space with a Stylish Coffee Table

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Trying to create a comfortable living space can often be a struggle. You love so many different things, it can even be difficult just to choose what style you might want. But no matter what style you choose for your home decor, it can all be brought together with a conveniently placed coffee table.

The coffee table can be the centerpiece of your room, as well as where your friends and family can come together to enjoy drinks, snacks and conversation. So it can be an important and functional piece of furniture in your living room, as well as being a stylish home accessory that can tie all your home decor together to reflect your personal style.

Statement Art Piece

Once your homebuilders have crafted your ideal living room layout, one way of transforming that space to suit your style is by choosing statement home decorations.

A statement coffee table can be the perfect addition to your home decorations, as it can add a touch of your personality to the room. If your style is bold, go for a bold design in your coffee table. If you find the perfect coffee table you can always design the rest of the room around it. It can often be easier to do this than to design the coffee table around the room, especially if it has a striking pattern or bold color.

You can then easily incorporate the rest of your home decorations with the style of the coffee table. For example, if the table is a bright or bold color, choose other home decorations in that that color, such as cushions or throws, as this will enhance the look of your room by using the table’s colors as accents.

Style your Table

Whether your coffee table is rustic, contemporary or retro, you can’t just have it sitting in your room naked. It really needs to be ‘dressed’ or styled to help create a more cohesive home design. So where do you begin?

When you’re trying to decorate your coffee table, it can be a good idea to think about the other home decorations in your room. Is there a particular color that stands out in the room? If there is, adding that color to something on your coffee table can help to enhance the overall design of the room by creating cohesion.

For simplicity, a plant can be an ideal accessory for dressing your coffee table. Even the smallest of coffee tables can look chic with a small plant in the center.

Baskets and trays can be fantastic for adding a stylish touch to your table, as well as for being functional places where you can store items that you want to keep nearby but organized. If your coffee table has space underneath, storage baskets can also boost the overall design of the table, giving it a new look.

Don’t underestimate the addition of some games or books. These classic coffee table staples are still great for decorating a modern coffee table. Plus, you have them handy should anyone want to read or get the family together for a game of Scrabble.

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