This Fall’s Most Beautiful Home Trends

With fall leaves and cooler weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your home ready to shine for fall gatherings and holidays. After all, the start of colder weather is the start of more time spent in the comforts of home, which makes it the perfect time to update and redecorate.

This season, bring some fall luxury into your home with these elegant interior styles.

Gold and White

Together or separate, white and gold give you a light, bright, and vibrant look. From decorative pillows to wall décor to lamps and accessories, there are plenty of ways to incorporate these eye-catching hues.

Especially big this season are luxe materials like white marble and rich textiles like gold brocade.

Copper and Silver

The beauty of metallic continues with warm copper and cool silver. These two are better suited to light fixtures and furniture details. Kitchens and bathrooms are great locales to let these metals shine in wall sconces, faucets, and cabinet hardware. They would even make unique choices for a tile backsplash.

New Old-Fashioned Florals

The timeless natural beauty of flowers means that some kind of floral design will always be in style. Right now, the kinds of floral prints your grandmother loved are coming back in style. Picture the intricate repeating patterns on her favorite couch, and you may just see it the next time you walk into a boutique furniture store.


Retro colors are coming back too, and this season orange is on the list. Not only is it a perfect color for fall, it brings real life and vibrancy to a room. Whether it’s an accent furniture piece in an entry or an area rug that ties everything together, orange is a bold and beautiful choice you won’t regret.


Another rich and cozy choice for fall, velvets in deep colors are making an appearance this year. Overstuffed velvet furniture in classic design with wooden detailing can make any room a truly delightful place to be. And velvet is classic enough that it transcends time periods, so whatever style you love, you can find a velvet piece to fit.

Reds, Blues, and Purples

Speaking of deep colors, create a stunning and comfortable look with darker shades of purple, blue, or red. After all, fall is not the time for pastels. But it’s definitely the time for feeling at home with nature’s riches hues.


Chinese-inspired textiles and designs made a stunning appearance in haute couture this season, and they’re ready to make the same splash in your home. Delicate designs in silk and other luxe fabrics bring international beauty plus visual interest and texture into a space. From furniture to rugs to custom wall hangings, there’s almost no limit to where and how to incorporate Chinoiserie.

So get creative and get shopping for the perfect décor that will turn your home into your dream home for fall. Then enjoy the season knowing you have a beautiful place to come home to out of the cold.

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