The Best Vintage Décor For Your Modern Home

You don’t have to grow up in the country to love the vintage farmhouse look. From traveling chests to milk cans to claw-footed bathtubs, there are vintage pieces that can fit almost any style. Whether you love shabby chic or modern industrial, you can make antique and vintage décor work for you.

Here are 8 vintage treasures you can incorporate into your home and tips to help you make them feel more modern.

1. Traveling Trunks and Suitcases

If it doubles as storage, it’s good décor. You’ve probably seen vintage suitcases stacked together, but take it a step further and think what you can put inside—and on top. They work well for storing seasonal blankets and pillows. You can also use them as furniture, with suitcases for a side table and an antique trunk for a coffee table.

2. Mason Jars

Whether you’re buying your jars new today or reusing the ones your grandmother used for canning, there are a thousand ways to use mason jars in interior design. For a country feel, fill with fresh flowers or dried herbs. For a modern take, turn them into lanterns and hang from chains in a row for statement lighting. You can also use them as food storage containers on open shelves for a country kitchen look.

3. Old Books

This one should be obvious, but you can get extra design mileage from old books if you stack three or four and tie them with twine. You can also wrap a distressed leather belt around them for a truly old-school look.

4. Vintage Maps and Globes

There’s something truly classic about old maps and globes. To update and customize the look, opt for black and white maps that you can paint your own colors, designs, or messages on.

5. Skeleton Keys

These are an easy find at flea markets and antique stores, and they pack a lot of punch. Collect them in Mason jars in an entryway for a more vintage statement, or hang them from hooks across a piece of distressed wood.

6. Botanical Illustrations

Illustrations of flowers and plants have been popular for a few centuries, so there are plenty to choose from. Some are rich with color and detail, others are simple and clean. For an ultra modern look, hang a set of black and white illustrations together in solid black frames.

7. A Typewriter

There’s nothing quite like an antique typewriter, and it can fit into any style depending on where you put it and what you put around it. Paired with vintage books and photos it can make a standout piece in your entryway or home library.

8. A Chalkboard

Chalkboard paint has been popular for a while now, but the great thing about a chalkboard is that you can do anything with it—everything from writing the week’s dinner plans to favorite quotes to detailed drawings and designs. You can be as creative as you want to make your chalkboard décor as antique or modern as you like.

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