Stylish Tips for Throwing an Elegant Summer Garden Party

Utah home builder table with dinner at summer garden party

While you may not have made it to the Royal Wedding in Windsor this year, you can still take inspiration from the royals and celebrate the quintessentially British tradition of throwing a summer garden party.

Whether it’s a regular family home, a stately home or Buckingham Palace, homes across the UK will be celebrating the summer by welcoming friends and family into their gardens for tea, cakes and summer food. But here in Utah, we have one thing that’s not always guaranteed at a British garden party; and that’s the sunny weather. So here are a few ways to transform your backyard into the perfect setting for an elegant garden party that’s fit for royalty.

Decorate your Backyard

Now, you don’t need to hire the homebuilders to create the perfect party space in your backyard. You just need a little drop of inspired thinking. First things first, you’ll want to create a party environment. And to do that, you’ll need to bring your home decorations outside.

You may want to develop a theme for your garden party by sticking to a particular color scheme or creating a story theme. This can be a fun way to use home decor to enhance your garden and it can set the tone of your party.

Bunting can really help decorate your backyard and give it that party style. You can usually find bunting in all colors and themes, so you should be able to find one that will match the theme you’re going for.

Paper lanterns can also be a fabulous addition and can really come in handy when the sunlight starts to fade if you want to keep the party going into the evening. You can easily get solar fairy lights with paper lanterns, usually in different colors, which can add fun to your outdoor home decorations. Even better that they should come on automatically when it starts to get dark.

And don’t forget to use some solar lights around your edges and borders, as this will help to define your garden and your party space (as well as help people to see where they’re going).

Set your Table

Your outdoor dining table should really be the main focus of your garden party. It should be set as casually or as formally as your party calls for. Most garden parties will focus on florals in their themes, and this will often translate into the table settings. A floral tablecloth can be made fresh and elegant with a plain table runner, either in white or in one of the floral colors. Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching floral patterns. If you have floral crockery, this could be a fantastic time to use it. Although, for outdoor dining, you may want to opt for plastic crockery, especially if there are kids around.

Garden Party Games

No garden party is complete without a few lawn games. You can buy wooden lawn games and set them out for people to play. Or you can arrange little tournaments to encourage your guests. Croquet and skittles are popular in British garden parties and can be fun for everyone in your family.

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