Stylish Home Decor Colors you will Love in 2018

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Looking to update your home and bring it into the new year with a fresh new look? Before you start changing your home decorations or calling in the homebuilders, you might want to check out what the home decor trends are for this year.

The colors you choose for your interiors can update or age your home decor so it’s important you choose the right color for you and your lifestyle but also a color that’s going to keep your home looking stylish and fresh.


Black can be difficult to work with if you don’t do it right. But monochrome living is making a stylish comeback. Black walls can be, not surprisingly, dark, so it’s important to keep the rest of your home decorations and furnishings light in order to offset the darkness.

This is where white furniture can work well, particularly high gloss white furniture, to help reflect some of the light to make a brighter space. If you’re looking to paint your walls black then keeping your ceiling, borders and baseboards in a bright white can help give you a more open space with an elegant look.

Bedrooms can benefit from the black trend by having a black feature wall with white furnishings. Fluffy black throws and cushions on crisp white bedding can add a glamorous touch and a geometric printed rug can give a trendy feel. Keep your home decorations natural to soften the look.

Ocean Blue

There are two shades of ocean blue that are making waves this year, meaning you can choose the one that will suit your style best and bring elements of nature to your home either way. Deep turquoise blue is one choice and this can be a bold way of adding a beautiful pop of color to your home decor in any room.

With deep ocean blue walls you can bring in other trends, such as the metallic trends, to give a cool, retro feel. You can also brighten your space by highlighting the color with white furnishings and natural home decorations, giving you a relaxing and warm space.

If you prefer more neutral shades, the cooler ocean blue color might be better for you. This way you can accessorize your room with deeper shades of blue or gray and work with patterned fabrics to create depth in your room and make your room feel more cozy and comfortable. This paler shade of ocean blue can be a versatile color to choose, as both light and dark furniture will work well with this, as the walls will be light enough to keep your room feeling bright and fresh.


Purple, the color of royalty, can be difficult to work with but in 2018 we’ll be seeing this violet shade of purple popping up everywhere.

Deep violet walls can be intimidating and dark but they also look great with gold tones and geometric prints, especially in a bedroom, but keep the soft furnishings light to balance the colors.

Violet can be a fantastic color for your kitchen and looks especially sleek with high gloss cabinets and countertops. Opt for a light gray to lighten up purple walls for a trendy, chic look.

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