Six Ways to Inspire Confidence In Your Home Buyers

6 Ways to Inspire confidence, Perry Homes blog post.

If you’re getting ready to show your home, you should know the basics: make sure the house is cleaned, that clutter is invisible or nonexistent, and there’s nothing unsightly (like dirty dishes) and no unsavory smells. Your prospective homebuyers shouldn’t be confronted with dirty baseboards or dusty shelves.

But once you’ve got those basics covered, how do you take that next step? How do you make sure your home impresses buyers and inspires confidence?

The answer is simple: pay attention to details.

Here are eight little ways to make a big difference in helping buyers feel right at home.

Stylish Accents

Don’t try too hard to be trendy, or you could turn buyers off. But do spend some money on simple pieces that are on trend and in stores right now—the kind your buyers are seeing in windows and on shelves and wishing they had in their home.

A home that looks current and contemporary will automatically feel newer and more like what buyers are hoping to find. That also means that dated-looking or outlandish pieces should be replaced or packed away so they don’t have the opposite effect.

Updated Light Fixtures

You probably already know that you’re supposed to turn on all the lights for a showing. But have you stopped to think whether turning the lights on actually makes things look better?

Don’t make the mistake of leaving dated light fixtures with low-wattage bulbs for your buyer to fix. Install new fixtures and opt for brighter, longer-lasting light bulbs. It’s also a good time to take note of which spaces could use more light and add some sconces or recess lighting. Again, you don’t want your buyer making calculations about how many new lamps they’re going to have to buy.

New Front Door

Getting an entirely new front door is an option, though that’s one choice you may actually want to leave to your buyer. Fresh paint, on the other hand, could make all the difference. So can a wreath, with simple and beautiful options for every season.

Fresh Touches

Fresh flowers are a common suggestion because they really do liven and brighten without being overwhelming. Stick with something simple, like daisies, that could look like you picked them yourself instead of something elaborate that looks contrived and unnatural.

Succulents are another natural and stylish addition, and they don’t need to be as “fresh.” A bowl of fresh fruit—as long as it really is fresh—is a colorful and comforting choice, too. Apples, lemons, and limes are your best options for color and longevity.

New Bedding

The difference new bedding can make might surprise you. It’s a fantastic way to bring a bedroom to life with style, color, and comfort. Add accent pillows, too, to make the space feel more cozy and inviting.

Organized Closets

With all the stress of selling a home, this may seem like a tall order, but organizing closets will prepare you for your move and easily impress prospective buyers.

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