Reasons to Live in the Wasatch Front, Utah

Reasons To Live In The Wasatch Front Utah

The Wasatch Front is home to the majority of Utah’s population. Located on the western edge of the Wasatch Mountains, the Wasatch Front is bordered to the west by the Oquirrh Mountains, Great Salt Lake and Utah Lake, providing stunning natural landscapes in almost every direction. If you already live in Wasatch Front then you probably already know how great it is, but if you don’t then here are a few reasons why you will want to make this beautiful area of Utah your home.


The history of Utah can be traced back to more than 500 million years ago and, along the Wasatch Front you can find evidence of this, for example at the site of the ancient Lake Bonneville, where there are still fossils to be found. Utah also has another claim to fame; its dinosaurs. Not too far from the towns and cities along the Wasatch Front you can visit some of the largest known dinosaur graveyards in the United States; Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry and Dinosaur National Monument, where you can see for yourself where dinosaurs once roamed millions of years ago.

You can also discover the history of Utah’s inhabitants long ago, from the various Native American cultures to the Spanish explorers, followed by the Mormons.


Salt Lake City and cities along the Wasatch Front are home to major national and international companies, including offices for Twitter, the global gaming brand, Electronic Arts (EA), and many others. The area has also seen a huge jump in its technology sector over recent years, leading to the Wasatch Front being called the Silicon Slopes.

Salt Lake City is also well placed as an international hub with its large airport allowing for connections with cities around the world. The airport is actually set to become even larger, with additional space and a modern layout after a $3.6 million dollar makeover, which is currently underway.

Quality of Life

Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front have seen increasing populations because of the area’s booming economy. The area might also be regarded as an affordable alternative to the city areas of San Francisco or Seattle, with the great job opportunities combined with the proximity to nature.

The Wasatch Front has a lot to offer for families, as well as young professionals. The area has plenty of amenities and there are lots of established and up-and-coming communities that are perfect, whether you’re looking to commute to the capital for work or spend your weekends on the lake or in the mountains. Utah homebuilders are building homes and communities in the best locations to offer you the best of both worlds, meaning you can be just a short drive from Utah’s best ski resorts as well as having amenities, such as dining, entertainment and shopping, virtually on your doorstep. Plus, there are plenty of events, fairs and festivals taking place along the Wasatch Front all year round, so you can find your ideal home decorations at a craft fair, check out the famous Sundance Film Festival, stroll through a street art festival or get inspiration for your home decor at one of the home and garden fairs.

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