Organize your Kitchen Pantry with Clever Storage

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Let’s face it, our pantries could always use some extra organization. But this can take time that we just don’t seem to have. However, if your pantry is organized in the first place it could just give you that neat and tidy look you’ve always wanted, as well as save you time when you need to grab a snack or make a meal.

An organized pantry can also help you feel more organized in general, with less day to day clutter and chaos to stress you out.

Clear Storage Containers

Clear tubs and containers can be a vital storage solution when it comes to organizing your pantry. By transferring all your dried goods, such as cereals, pasta, rice etc., into a clear, sealed plastic container you can make sure it stays fresher for longer. Not only this, by having food in containers, you can easily identify what’s inside and get a better idea of what foods are running low, so you can add them to your grocery list.

Attaching labels to each one can also be a good idea and even better if you go for a label system that can easily be removed or wiped off. This way you can change the items in the boxes without needing new boxes.

Storage Carts

An ideal solution for when you’d prefer your storage to follow you around the kitchen. There are plenty of different options to choose from when it comes to rolling storage trolleys, so you can get one to blend in with the rest of your home decorations. Whether you want an industrial look or more of a chic look, a storage cart on wheels can be a convenient addition to your home decor. Wooden ones can add a nice rustic touch to a country kitchen, while a metal one can add a sleek touch to a more modern kitchen.

Storage carts can provide organization and convenience by letting you load up the items you need and have them close by while you’re using them. When you’re done, you simply roll the cart out of the way. They can be great for storing pots or even vegetables and potted herbs.

Hanging Storage

You often find that behind the door of your pantry there is wasted space. The back of your door can be a great spot to utilize this wasted space. It’s possible to use over the door storage pouches, often designed for shoes, in order to create a series of storage pods that are ideal for stashing your smaller pantry items, such as packets or small boxes.

Another option is to use over the door hanging baskets, which can be super convenient for storing cans and jars. You can also make use of over the door hooks to keep oven mitts and aprons out of the way.

Customized Shelving

If you’re looking to create an organized pantry that is designed around your lifestyle, then having homebuilders produce a custom-made pantry could be the way to go. Homebuilders will ensure you get all the storage you require and make sure there is no wasted space. Moveable shelves can be a fantastic option, as you can rearrange them when you need to. Rotating storage options and sliding shelves can also be handy.

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