Modernize your Bedroom with a Stylish Headboard

Utah home builder vintage bedroom interior with flower pillows and decorative table lamp

No matter what your home decor style, there’s a headboard out there that will work for you. Homebuilders can create the perfect interior architecture to suit your lifestyle but when it comes to the home decor in your bedroom, this is where you can let your personality shine through. Home decorations are great for adding your own personal touch to a room but with a stylish headboard you can create a centerpiece that will tie your whole bedroom look together.

There are many different ways you can style a headboard and there are a number of materials you can use.


When you’re looking to pull together a contemporary design in your bedroom it can be difficult to know which type of headboard to go for. Contemporary styles often tend to lean towards clean lines and minimalism. Metals can work well for this look. But you don’t always have to go for brand new items. Rustic metal work and reclaimed pieces, such as corrugated metal, can work well and can easily be cut into a shape that suits your design. Don’t be afraid to go for unusual shapes, as this can add depth to modern home decorations.

If you’re looking to add color or pattern to your walls, choosing a bold coordinating color for the headboard can help to tie your bedroom together. For patterned wallpaper, choose a color that appears in the wallpaper and use it in the headboard. Either fabric or metal in a plain color should work well with a patterned wall.

For a classic minimalist look, a simple large rectangular headboard in a gloss white can brighten up a bedroom and make your bed the focal point in the room. This can work well with bed linens in grays or blues, as the bright white headboard will make the room pop.


Creating a cozy, rustic bedroom can be pretty simple if you get the headboard choice right. This style affords you quite a lot of options when it comes to what you can use, which means you can also get creative. Reclaimed wood can be a popular choice, as it’s inexpensive and can create a unique centerpiece in the room. With wood you can whitewash it for a shabby chic or beachy look, or leave it as it is for a more natural look. You can even paint it whatever color you like, to create the perfect relaxing space to suit your taste.

Old doors can be useful as headboards, giving a vintage aesthetic. Or you can tailor your own headboard from several planks of wood or logs.


If you prefer a more traditional style, one way to update it is to add an eye-catching headboard. Even something as simple as a floral printed wallpaper above the headboard can help to create depth and make your room more stylish.

A fabric or quilted-style headboard will help to give a cozy look that will work well with feminine or country inspired home decor. The idea is to create a focal point in the room, so anything on the wall above your bed will help. You could even go for a royal inspired style by attaching a pelmet to the wall (normally for a window) and hanging a curtain from it, giving you a lovely draped fabric effect and a lovely antique feel.

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