Make your Outdoor Space a Cool Space with Shade

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With the summer quickly on its way, more and more of us will be hoping to spend some much needed time outdoors. But with the hot summer sun, it can sometimes be a little too warm for relaxing in our yards. So why not create a cool, shaded area where the whole family can chill out and enjoy the summer.

Plants and Trees

Plants and trees can be a fantastic solution for creating shade in your outdoor space, and can also be beautiful home decorations. Being in nature is beneficial for everyone, so by adding new plants and trees you will not only be helping the environment but you’ll also be helping to improve your mental health.

Try to opt for mature trees, as these will give you more shade. And if you already have trees in your yard, consider creating an outdoor living or dining area under the shade of the existing trees. It’s much easier to move outdoor furniture than it is to move an old tree!

If you’re thinking about adding plants to your outdoor space, bamboo can be a great option, as it’s fast growing and can work well in pot planters as well as in the ground. Consider planting in a pot if you don’t want it to grow too tall.

Climbing plants, such as wisteria, can offer fantastic shade as well as being a boost to your outdoor home decor. For this you will need some sort of structure for the plants to grow on and around. A metal archway or trellis can be a low cost way of creating a stable structure for these plants.


Pergolas can be a stylish option for defining an outdoor living space and providing much needed shade. Both metal and wooden ones work well, so it’s really up to personal preference which one would work best with your style of home decor. With a pergola you can customize it to provide privacy and even more shade. Growing plants over the top or around the sides can give you extra shade, or you can also customize it with pull down shades at the sides, or stylish curtains, giving you more of a sleek cabana look.


Today’s awnings are stylish and modern and can create tailor made shade for your outdoor space, as well as provide additional shade inside your home by sheltering windows. Homebuilders are able to construct a range of practical awnings to suit the style of your home. There are awnings that are retractable, so you can control the shade, and there are more permanent solutions that will let enjoy your outdoor space all year round, sheltering you from all sorts of weather.

You could even opt for the more modern trend of having a sail style shade that will not only give you shelter from the hot sun but will also enhance the look of a contemporary garden.

If you don’t want to splurge on new structures, you can still enjoy your beautiful outdoor space in the shade. Parasols are still a great way of creating shade over your dining table. And you can even give it a personal touch by adding some fairy lights underneath, so even your evenings will be relaxing.

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