How to Make a Small Bedroom Appear Larger

Utah home builder elegant bedroom interior design with floral pattern pillows on bed and decorative table lamp.

Whether it’s space for storage or just more room to spread out, we could all use a little extra space in our homes. One way of boosting our living space is to call in the homebuilders and expand our square footage. However, for many of us, this may not always be an option. And that’s where our alternative solution is to boost space through home decor.

Home decorations play an important role when it comes to increasing or decreasing the space within your home. The type of furniture or the colors and textures of fabrics that you choose can all help to create the illusion of space. Not only that, you can also improve your storage options by choosing functional home decorations.


If you’re dealing with a small bedroom, one of the main issues will probably be storage, or lack of. But one of the best ways to solve this is for your furniture to be double duty, usually with hidden storage.

Beds with built-in storage can be excellent space savers, reducing the need for separate drawers. You will also find that you can save on furniture by installing shelves on the walls. Above the headboard can be a great place to put them, as it means you’re utilizing space that would otherwise go unused.


The colors and prints you choose for your walls can make a huge difference when it comes to creating the illusion of space in a bedroom. One of the best ways to make a room seem larger is to make it seem brighter. Light colors will always work well in doing this, particularly white, and adding in bright ceiling lights or wall lights can also help.

Adding height may also make your bedroom seem larger. Painting the ceiling the same shade as the walls can help to draw the eye upwards. However, if you’re planning to paint your walls dark purple, this may not be the best idea, as this can have the opposite effect.

You don’t have to avoid dark colors altogether though. You can use dark colors and brighten them up with lighter colored accents. Having a feature wall in a deep tone can also work in small spaces.

Certain patterns can also help to create the illusion of space by adding depth to the room. Stripes are well known for creating illusions and can work well in a bedroom. If you’re adding stripes to your walls, consider also adding stripes to your soft furnishings, to carry through the design.


The fabric you choose for your bedroom can give you the illusion of space. As well as incorporating any patterns or colors from your walls into your fabrics, it can also be a fantastic idea to layer different fabrics and textures throughout the room.

Crisp white bed linen can provide the perfect base for adding other colors and textures. Choose colors and repeat them throughout the room, such as in your curtains or a rug. Patterned fabrics are also ideal for adding depth. A throw at the end of the bed can work well, and a large patterned rug that covers most of your floor space can draw your eye across the room and make the room feel even larger.

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