How to Design a Beautiful Laundry Room

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It’s true that you don’t hear the words “beautiful” and “laundry room” together very often. After all, laundry rooms are infamous trouble spots—especially when it comes to beauty and comfort. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Since we all spend more time in the laundry room than we’d like, it can and should be a beautiful and comfortable space. So if you’re dreaming of a room where you can get everything done—from stain removal to ironing to sewing on loose buttons—without wishing you were somewhere else, then read on. We have the tips you need to design the perfect laundry room.

The Cabinets

It’s hardly a laundry room without cabinets and cupboards. Choose built-ins with style, like custom cabinet doors with eye-catching hardware.

The Sink

You took time and care in choosing your kitchen and bathroom sinks, and the sink here should be no different. Useful doesn’t have to mean unsightly, so feel free to pick something stylish and modern like an above-counter vessel sink. You could even use a vintage basin and pitcher for both décor and hand-wash-only items.

The Counters

Of course a beautiful sink deserves beautiful countertops. Marble or granite are just as beautiful in the laundry room as the kitchen. Or, if industrial is more your style, metal or even wire counters are an option.

The Clothesline

Space for drying clothes that shouldn’t go in the dryer is a must for any laundry room. To save space and avoid eyesores, simply hang a line (wire or string will work) across a side wall and have clothespins at the ready. That way, you don’t have to install a bulky or unattractive drying rack.

The Odds and Ends

A beautiful laundry room has to keep track of all its odds and ends to avoid getting cluttered and disorganized. Put powdered detergent in a glass jar. Dryer sheets can have their own jar, too. Then use mini baskets or even mason jars for extras like loose buttons, clothespins, and the things you find left in pockets.


The Lighting

If you want a beautiful space, choose attractive hanging fixtures that complement the room and provide plenty of light. If needed, add spotlights or under-the-counter lighting where you need extra visibility, like above the sink and ironing board.

Of course, the ideal laundry room has plenty of natural light. That may be impossible for a basement room, but if you’re designing a floor plan, make sure there’s at least one window. Then add adjustable, easy-to-clean window treatments like wooden blinds or indoor shutters.


The Finishing Touches

These are the things you should be choosing deliberately in any room: wall paint colors, attractive flooring (like tile), wall art, and an accent rug. While you’re at it, why not add molding and a backsplash behind the sink?
Even in the laundry room, design is worth doing and worth doing right. Let’s face it: a stylish, modern laundry room is not something you’ll regret.

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