How to Decorate and Furnish Your New Home on a Budget

Buying a new home is exciting, and the fresh canvas might leave you wanting to rush out and buy new furniture and decorations. However, if your budget is tight after closing costs, down payments, insurance, and taxes, try these tricks for furnishing your new home without spending a fortune.

Make Your Own Artwork

Making your own artwork is a fun and cheap alternative to buying prints to hang on your walls. As an added bonus, it will give your decorations a personal touch that will make your house feel more like home. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • Take a painting, sketching, or sculpting class and learn a new skill—then display your work proudly.
  • If you have children, frame their favorite drawings and hang them in their bedrooms. It will add some bright color to the room and show them you value their contributions.
  • Print some snapshots of your family, frame them in matching frames, and hang them in a grid. The candid photos will be add a carefree, personal touch, and the organized display will make your home look put together.
  • If you love the outdoors, make your own wreath for the front door or put some pressed leaves or flowers on mats, frame them, and hang them on your walls. It will add a three-dimensional pop to your artwork and welcome nature into your home.

Involve the whole family in decorating your new home by having everyone contribute their own art. It will help them feel like they belong in the new place and give your home a unique look that your jealous neighbors won’t be able to replicate.

Repair and Refresh—Don’t Replace

Instead of replacing old, tired furniture, think about repairing it. Have an old chair reupholstered or buy a couch cover for your sofa to get an updated look without buying a whole new living room set. If your kitchen table or chairs are starting to look dull, sand and re-stain them.

You may not be able to repair everything, but working with what you already have will save you money for more important things—like your new mortgage payment.

Look for Furniture and Decorations that Do Double Duty

When you do need to buy new things for your home, choose furniture and decorations that have dual purposes. Use the following items in your home to save space and money:

  • Choose a headboard with a built in bookshelf to keep your nightly reading handy.
  • Get a mudroom bench or window seat with built-in storage for linens or seasonal weather gear.
  • Stack old, hard-shell suitcases to make a unique end table or nightstand.
  • Stencil or embroider simple hand towels for your kitchen or bathroom to add some color and class to something you use every day.
  • Pick an ottoman that is empty on the inside, leaving space for games, books, toys, and the TV remote you keep losing.

Remember to K.I.S.S.

Remember the common design mantra: “Keep it simple, stupid.” Pick a simple theme for each room that unifies your look, but don’t try anything too fancy, especially if your budget is small. Try a nautical theme in your bathrooms with simple stripes and white and blue accents or decorate your kid’s bedroom with a specific animal or zoo theme and use their stuffed animals as decorations. A unifying idea will make your room look more put together, and keeping things simple will help you maintain your home’s clean, fresh, and new look.

Use the above suggestions to make your new house a home without breaking the bank on furniture and décor.

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