How to Create the Perfect Study

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It’s that time of year again when everyone is getting organized for going back to school. Shopping for stationery, books, school clothes and all other kinds of essential supplies can exhausting but always super important. But once your kids head back to school that’s when the homework starts rolling in. So it can be a good idea to start preparing ahead of time so your family can get a head start on the studying. And one thing you can do is create the perfect study environment through thoughtful home decor.

While having a home office can make this process a lot easier, you don’t have to have one. You simply need a small area of a room. Your kids’ bedrooms can work great for this, as they can help design the space themselves and give it a little more of their personality. Plus, having them in their rooms can keep them out of the way of any other distractions in the house.

Spacious Desk

One thing that is essential for a study is a desk. It doesn’t have to be an overly large desk but it does need to be spacious enough that there is space to fit a laptop, books and whatever you or your kids might need.

Another thing to have is a place to keep your stationery supplies close by. Have them on or under the desk so they’re within easy reach. Organizing pens and pencils in a jar can be a good way of keeping them all together, which should make it easier for your kids to put pens back after they’re done using them.


When you’re studying you need books and books need somewhere to go when they’re not being used. Shelves above the desk or to the side can make sure everything is within easy reach. It also helps to create more of a defined study space, so you can separate the non-study books from the reading for pleasure books.


In order to study you’ll need a bright spot where you can see what you’re reading, writing or typing. Positioning a study desk near a window can be a good idea to allow natural light in. But as the sun goes down, you’re probably going to need an alternative. Think about buying a desk lamp. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as long as it can illuminate the desk space, you should be good to go.


There has been various research studies regarding which colors tend to be better for studying. Reds and yellows are colors that can create an alertness that could be beneficial for learning and retaining information. However, if these colors are in your child’s bedroom, they may not create the ideal environment for sleeping. Blue tones in your home decor can be great for relaxing and could help for creative tasks, as well as sleeping but may not have the mind stimulating powers that brighter colors might have. Perhaps you could experiment by adding smaller pops of red or yellow around the study area, such as flowers or small home decorations.

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