How to Add some Black and White Glamour to your Home Decor

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Let’s face it, black and white tones will never go out of style and when this theme is done right it can really enhance your home and bring your home decorations to the next level.

When we think of black and white style, one of the first things that might (or should) come to mind is the elegant designs created by the world-renowned fashion designer, Coco Chanel – and with good reason! Coco Chanel was somewhat of a pioneer when it came to using black and white in the fashion industry. She introduced the world to the iconic little black dress, back in the 1920’s, and was a firm believer in using black and white colors to enhance a design and inject glamour into the everyday.

So how can you bring some of this elegant theme into your own home? Well, the most important thing to remember before you start bringing in the home builders for a remodel, is that you need to like what you choose. At the end of the day, it’s you who will have to live with it.

Living Rooms

Black and white home decor can look very elegant in a living room. But for this space you might want to go for a mostly white room, as this will keep it feeling fresh and bright, which is beneficial in a living space. This is where your home decorations can do the work for you.

By keeping your walls white, you can then build the theme using black accessories. For example, keep your couch white or cream and add a couple of black cushions. A large black area rug can add a homely feel and help tie the theme together. You can even add artwork that incorporates the theme, whether it’s in the form of wall art or sculptures and vases. Even if the frames around your wall art (or mirror) are black, this can work a treat. A black coffee table or chair can also help to elevate your black and white home decor and make it more personal to your style.


For bedrooms you can usually go a little darker on the walls, but you can keep it light and bright by opting for a black feature wall and keep the rest of your walls white. This will help to highlight your theme and means you can keep your bedding mostly white, perhaps with a soft black throw or a couple of black cushions. A soft black rug can give your room a cozier feel, while still keeping it looking chic and elegant. Black furniture can also work well here, or even a bold black or gray headboard.


Black and white can really boost the home decor in your bathroom. You can either go all out with the theme or keep it simple. Black fixtures and fittings can give an all-white bathroom a glamorous edge, or a simple black bathtub in a clean white bathroom. You can amplify the theme by using black in your flooring, either with an all-black tile or one with black accents to keep it brighter. Gold tones can also help give a black and white bathroom added glamour, and can work well if you opt for gold tones on mirror frames or faucets.

Whatever you choose, with black and white home decor you can add style to any room in your house.

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