Great Ways to Transform your Garage

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For many of us, a garage can be a place to keep our cars protected from the weather, as well as a place to store and cram all the things we sometimes didn’t even know we had. But what if your garage could become more of a livable space? Somewhere that you wouldn’t mind spending some time or even showing to guests.

We have a few ideas on the great ways you can transform your garage into a friendly, welcoming part of your home.

Guest Suite

Having a self contained area for your guests can be a great idea and can give both you and them some additional privacy. It doesn’t have to be huge, it just has to be well designed, so having home builders give you some advice can be beneficial before you begin.

The room can simply be designed to make the most of the space, without having to put up too many walls, as extra walls can make the space seem smaller. So keep it open concept and try using furniture placement to create a divide between different areas.

Living Space

One of the more common types of garage conversion is to simply extend a home’s living space. This can be a great way to enlarge your house and create more livable square footage. Creating a more open concept living space with your existing home decor can make your home feel more modern. And by choosing some stylish home decorations you can create a wonderful, relaxing home from the moment you walk through the door.

One great way is to create a large open concept kitchen, dining and living area. Home builders can help you remodel your home to suit your floor plan the best.

Game Room

Having a dedicated space for your family to have fun can really bring your family together. You can put as much or as little in the space as you want. A pool table can be a great idea and if you have the space, you could even dedicate an area to movies, with a few comfy seating options and a big TV. Think about snacks when you’re hanging out; maybe a little kitchen area may be a good idea? Or maybe a small washroom? Choose fun and exciting home decorations to go with your fun, family theme.


Why spend money on a gym membership when you could create your very own gym at home. A garage can be a great space for working out. Keep it fresh and bright, with colors that you like, to give it more of a personal touch.


By transforming your garage into a home office you can free up your spare room for when guests come to stay. Creating an office from a garage can be pretty simple. You can also add in additional features, such as a separate entrance and a small washroom. But one thing you will want to make sure is that it’s bright, airy and relaxing, so choose fresh home decor and neutral tones. Adding in your favorite color for accent pieces can create a stylish look.

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