Great Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

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At the end of a long and stressful day, we all want to be able to relax in the comfort of our own homes. But sometimes our homes just need a little extra boost to create that ideal, stress-free environment. That’s where the magic of home decor can help.


One of the best things you can do to your home to boost its calming qualities is to paint the walls. There are a few colors that you can choose from that all have wonderful mood-enhancing powers.

Green is a color that has been long associated with relaxation. It appears so much in nature that this could be why it brings feelings of calmness and tranquility when we’re surrounded by it, much like if we were surrounded by trees in the wild. Using green paint on the walls in your home can recreate this effect and can be a great choice for bedrooms. Pastel tones of olive or mint will work well with neutral toned furnishings and home decorations.

Another color that is associated with nature and relaxation is blue. You can’t deny that feeling you get when you look out at a clear blue sky or a sparkling blue ocean. So why not replicate that in your home?! Using cool blue paint on bedroom walls can create a peaceful setting that is ideal for sleeping. A pastel blue will also work well in a living room or kitchen, especially when paired with white, creating a fresh look that will keep everyone chilled.

Purple is also a great color for adding a sense of calm to your home. Lavender, in particular, is a naturally relaxing shade. A lavender tone on your walls will look stylish with other neutral tones or white. For a chic French look, you could team the lavender paint with white and grey accents and furnishings.

Home Accessories

Accessorizing your home can help to create just the right atmosphere for stress-free living.

Bringing the outdoors in is one way you can achieve this. Try adding a plant to a bare corner or next to your fireplace. Bamboo is easy to grow and gives a clean, modern look. It will look great in any room and will bring a natural touch to the rest of your home decorations.

Candles or fragranced reed diffusers can be a fantastic way to de-stress. Relaxing scents, such as lavender can help you to wind down and can even encourage a restful sleep.

Even if you don’t fancy changing the colors of your walls, you can easily add some of the colors to your home decor in more simple ways. Adding accessories in shades of green, lavender or blue can help to promote a relaxed state. A comfy cushion or a fluffy throw can boost your mood and your comfort, as well as giving your room a stylish, cozy look.

Placing a vase of flowers in relaxing hues can also enhance your mood, not to mention give your home a friendly feel. Pastel pinks and purples will work well for this.

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