Great Places to Retire in Utah

Great Places To Retire In Utah

When you’re looking for the best places to retire in Utah you’re probably looking for somewhere that can offer you plenty of amenities and within easy reach of services. Utah homebuilders have created family communities in the best areas of Utah, whether you want to retire or start a family. Utah can be a great place for all ages and all stages of your life. No matter what type of home you’re looking for, you can probably find it in Utah and in these locations, you’ll also be able to find the perfect home decorations to make your new house your home sweet home.


Kaysville is frequently considered to be one of the best places to live in Utah, for all ages. But if you’re planning to retire, there are plenty of things to do, whether you want to keep active outdoors or get involved with some of the senior citizen events in the community. If you like outdoor recreation, there are several parks with walking trails, sports facilities, including tennis courts. There is also easy access to the Wasatch Mountains for canyon hiking.

Wetland Discovery Point in Kaysville can be a beautiful place for a walk and a great spot for fishing. You’ll also find the USU Botanical Gardens nearby, where you can stroll among the many plants and flowers. Kaysville is also home to a golf course, community garden and a senior citizen center offering lots of opportunities to meet new people and get involved in activities.

Shadow Crossing in Kaysville can be an ideal community if you’re looking for a little extra living space, especially if you often have family come to stay. This highly sought after community is a family friendly neighborhood within easy reach of all that Kaysville has to offer.

West Jordan

West Jordan is a suburb just south of Salt Lake City and considered to be a fantastic place to live for residents of all ages. West Jordan has plenty of amenities, with the beautiful Veterans Memorial Park being a wonderful place to stroll or take the grandkids to the play park. This large park is also home to an outdoor pool, a fitness and recreation center with an indoor pool, the West Jordan Library and the West Jordan Senior Citizen Center. There are also several other parks and walking trails in West Jordan, including the picturesque South Jordan Canal Trail.

This small city has lots of shops, restaurants and services within easy reach, including the quaint Gardner Village (where you can shop for home decor fabrics and crafts) and there’s even a Trax station for convenient transportation. And if you want to take up golf, there’s the Mountain View Golf Course, where you enjoy a game of golf with a stunning mountain backdrop.

Copper Valley is a well located, family friendly community in West Jordan where you can enjoy beautiful scenery from your own home and be ideally situated to make the most of the recreational facilities in the city of West Jordan.

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