Great Places in Utah to Buy Art

Great Places In Utah To Buy Art

Having beautiful pieces of art in your home can add personality to your rooms and bring a unique element to your home decor. Plus, looking at art we enjoy can boost our mental health and help us to relax, so not only will you be adding attractive home decorations to your rooms, you’ll also be creating a more stress free environment in which to live.

Utah has plenty of places to appreciate creative works of art and having local artists create unique pieces for your home can be a good way of bringing the brilliant Utah landscape into your living space.

Local Colors of Utah

Local Colors of Utah, located in Sugar House in Salt Lake City, was founded by local Utah artists with the aim of developing a creative place to exhibit their works. There are now several local artists who use the space to display their pieces and it can be a great place to find unique art.

One of the highlights of this gallery is that the local artists are on hand to offer advice about how to choose art for the particular space in your home or even your business. They have all sorts of art ranging from painting, photography and sculptures to pottery, jewelry and glass, so there should be something for everyone.

A Gallery: Allen and Alan Fine Art

This highly regarded and award winning gallery in Salt Lake City has 10,000 square feet of space dedicated to art. With several artists using the space to highlight their works, it can be a good spot to find home decorations in a number of different styles and can appeal to a broad range of tastes.

As well as the gallery there’s also a courtyard garden which makes for a interesting visit. The gallery consists of sculptures, paintings, photography and various ceramics and also hosts a number of exhibitions.

Phillips Gallery

Phillips Gallery, in Salt Lake City, is known as the oldest commercial art gallery in the Intermountain Region. With artists from Utah and surrounding states, the gallery can be a fantastic place to find interesting local art for your home, either with a traditional or more contemporary style. You’ll also find a number of artists from other parts of the US and even international artists who have created Utah inspired pieces.

As well as a variety of pieces, from fine art paintings and drawings to sculptures, photography, ceramics and printmaking, the gallery is also home to an art supplies store and framing workshop. The staff at the gallery can also advise on different art as well as provide appraisals, restorations and installations.

Once your Utah homebuilders have created the perfect home for you and your family, adding in your home decorations can take your home to the next level. And with the many unique pieces of art to be found in the galleries of Utah, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find that perfect piece to bring life and color to your home decor.

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