Gardening in Utah in Winter

Gardening In Utah In Winter

So the weather in Utah may not be ideal for growing things in winter. Or so you might think. There are many plants you can grow during the cold Utah winter, even outside. But because there might be a lack of heat in the air during these months, you may need to do a little bit of extra planning and upkeep if you want to keep your plants alive and thriving. However, with a little extra work you can keep your backyard as beautiful as your home decor. Plus, it means your garden can be enjoyed all year long and not just in summer.

Tunnel Gardening

Across the centuries people often had to rely on growing crops throughout the year. So no matter what time of year it was, there was always some type of crop that was available to eat.

That’s where tunnel gardening can be useful. You don’t have to go all out with your equipment and you don’t need a lot of space in your backyard. The good thing about tunnel gardening is that you can go as small or as large as you like, depending on how much of your backyard you’re wanting to dedicate to it.

Simply clear plastic fabric can work great. You can buy specific planting tunnels at garden centers or hardware stores, in a range of sizes too, and usually they’re pretty inexpensive. Or you can create your own type of tunnel or dome using a glass bowl or several.

By using a tunnel you can harness some of the heat from the sun while protecting your plants or vegetables from frost. Remember to keep the soil moist underneath your tunnel to make sure it doesn’t dry out.

Add Mulch

While you might associate mulch more with spring and summer gardening, winter can still be a great time to use it. Mulch and compost can act as a layer of warmth for your plant and can help to keep your soil moist and healthy. Straw and grass cuttings can be particularly helpful and can be placed on top of the soil where you’re growing root vegetables, such as carrots.

If you get a lot of snow where you are, you might want to thicken your layer of mulch or perhaps think about a cover or tunnel.

What to Plant

There are plenty of things you can grow during winter in Utah. If you have a tunnel or cover, you can plant various herbs, including thyme and parsley, as well as root vegetables, such as turnips, onions, carrots and rutabagas. Leafy vegetables can also be ideal for growing, as long as you keep them covered so they don’t suffer from frost.

The winter can be great time if you need to replant shrubs or plants. During the winter most plants will be conserving energy, so this means they should be less likely to be affected by being moved. So if you’re thinking about a redesign for your backyard, now could be a good time to do it, as this should give your plants plenty of time to settle in their new homes before spring comes.

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