Fill your Home with Happy Yellow this Summer

Utah home builder interior with yellow armchair and lamp

The color yellow has long been associated with feelings of happiness, so what better color scheme to be bringing into your home this summer than bright, happy hues of yellow. It’s a color that can work with existing home decor as well as being a theme on its own.

Yellow might be most commonly associated with springtime but yellow can work throughout the year to create a fresh feel that can make any home feel cozy and friendly. For yellow to work for you, you just have to find the right shade. Honey, lemon, gold, butter, sunflower; there are so many to choose from that there’s bound to be a shade that works for you.

Cheerful Bedrooms

Imagine waking up in a bright and cheery mood every morning. Well, with a zesty touch of lemon yellow in your room, it might actually be possible.

One thing to keep in mind for the bedroom is that you’ll want to make sure it’s relaxing. So, overly bright home decor may not work as well here, compared to other areas of your home. Keep it simple and fresh. A pale yellow for the walls can create a relaxing space. Keep furnishings neutral. White will always look great but sandy tones can also look stylish and clean, such as linen curtains or sand colored throw on crisp white bedding.

Delicately patterned wallpaper can also work, such as with a floral print or smart abstract. A continuous pattern can help to make your room feel larger, which might be a good option for smaller rooms. For golden tones of yellow as your main shade, darker tones, such as orange or dark coral can work well for accent pieces or bedding.

Living Areas

Yellow can be a fantastic color for giving your home decor an update and a fresh new look for summer. If you already have neutral tones in your home, adding pops of yellow is a simple and inexpensive way to update your look. Creams, sandy tones and whites are all great base colors. The yellow will modernize your neutral tones, as well as give it a breezy summer appearance that will even see you right through to winter.

One of the simplest things to do is to add some pretty yellow cushions to your couch. You can then enhance the aesthetic by adding a vase of yellow flowers, such as sunflowers, or some other smaller yellow home decorations.

The yellow theme is easy to dress up with table decorations, such as a bowl of lemons or grapefruits. Simple decorations can help you channel an effortlessly chic look around your home.

You’ll find that yellow can work just about anywhere in your home and even in your outdoor spaces. Even just a couple of yellow home decorations can brighten up a room and create a happy environment, if you don’t want to go all out with painting rooms. Yellow towels, a yellow vase, a throw, a teapot – you can go as yellow as you’re comfortable with. Remember, it’s important that you like it, as it is your home after all.

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