Fall Decorations for a Welcoming Home this Thanksgiving

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Everyone wants to have that perfect seasonally decorated home when their families join them for Thanksgiving. But it can be difficult to find the time to impress your family and friends with outstanding home decor. But with these quick and easy home decorations, your home will look cozy, stylish and inviting, no matter who shows up for dinner.

Table Decorations

Let your table shine this fall, with cute decorations that will add a warm, seasonal touch to your tableware. Adding color is a great way of bringing the harvest season to your table.

Choose napkins in different colors, including shades of red, burnt orange, yellow, and bronze. By giving each diner at your table a different colored napkin you’ll be creating a colorful autumnal palette that will bring together the rest of your theme.

Take your inspiration from nature to create table centerpieces, such as filling a vase with pine cones and berries, or even chestnuts or popcorn kernels. Decorative twigs in a vase will also work well and will help to bring that outdoor element to your table.

Another easy way of making a centerpiece is to place a large candle in the center of a cake stand and decorate around it by placing pine cones, leaves, berries or twigs to give it that cozy look. If you can find an orange or bronze colored candle, even better!

For an earthy look, and to help tone down some of the oranges and reds, a burlap table runner will work well. This will act as a neutral base for the rest of your home decorations and will give it a stylish, rustic feel.

Outdoor Decorations

Nothing says ‘fall’ more than a pumpkin, and what would Thanksgiving be without this trusty orange squash?! A few pumpkins will look great sitting on your front porch and will give your guests a seasonal welcome as they enter your home. Pumpkins in groups of three usually work best for aesthetics.

If you have plant pots on your porch, you can even place a few pumpkins around the pots to bring your plants into the fall festivities. And don’t forget a welcoming wreath for on your front door. Simple ones with twigs or pine cones will keep your look modern and stylish.

Home Decorations

Now, you’re going to want your living room to look its best this season. This is where you can really get cozy by adding fall colors to bring warmth to your existing home decor.

There’s no need to go over the top with the seasonal theme but you can have a little fun. Adding a few cushions in shades of burnt orange or warm reds will brighten up existing neutral tones. Adding knitted throws or wool blankets to couches will also create a cozy atmosphere where everyone will feel at home.

A fireplace can be a fabulous spot for adding some holiday cheer. Baskets filled with pine cones or logs look stylish and cute next to the fireplace. Place some clear fairy lights in a vase and set one on either side of your mantlepiece.

Don’t have a fireplace? Just place a vase of fairy lights on a side table or coffee table to create a warm atmosphere in any room.

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