Elegant Color Combinations for Staging Your Home

Color scheme design for Perry Homes, Utah blog post.

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you should be thinking about staging. After all, a buyer’s first impression of your home comes as much from the décor as the home itself.

It’s worth the expense to get new décor pieces specifically for staging to make sure that your prospective buyers feel right at home from the moment they step inside.

Colors are the easiest and most powerful way to help create the mood and the wow factor that you want. Here are the top ten color combinations to try for any room in your house.

Gray and Yellow

Both cheerful and sophisticated, this combination of bright yellow and calm gray will be beautiful in any room of your home. They’re also colors that continue to be popular, so people respond well to them and it’s easy to find them in stores.

Green, Brown, and Beige

This color combination is calming and inviting. Nature-inspired décor is perfect for this combination, which also welcomes real plants for even more beauty and benefit.

Green and Red-Brown

Light greens and deep, red-toned browns are a winning combination, especially in living rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Choose one of these colors as the main attraction, and use the other for accents so it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Dark Blue and White

No matter what patterns you combine them in, dark blue and white are absolutely classic. They’ll give any room in your home an elegant but welcoming feel, and they can go with any decorating style.

Blue and Gray

When you put blue and gray together, your home will feel more modern and luxurious. Choose a lighter shade of one and darker shade of the other for contrast, either a darker blue and a light gray or a deep gray and brighter blue.

Brown and Light Blue

This is another combination that’s both contemporary and cozy. Warm brown tones and light blues are relaxing and make for beautiful contrast that keeps eyes interested without being over the top.

White and Gold

White and gold can transform any room into a space that feels simple and elegant, with clean lines and the warm luxurious effect of metallic gold people. Add lush fabrics to soften the effect and round out the overall effect.

Black and White

There’s nothing more classic, sophisticated, and simple than black and white. How you put it together is important, though. Make sure to vary the lines, patterns, and tones. Adding some gray and the occasional pop of color is always a good idea.

Yellow and Blue

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, yellow and blue are a combination that’s contemporary and classic cottage. It can fit anything from rustic styles to modern for a beautiful and comfortable feel that goes especially well with natural wood tones, too.

Red, White, and Cream

This is a combination with the potential to be truly stunning. Equal parts bold, calm, and natural, it makes a statement perfect for wowing a buyer into loving your beautiful home.

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