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More and more of us are choosing to work from home. It offers us much more freedom than having to commit to a daily commute into the city and it can be a lot more convenient. Even if you don’t work from home, having the perfect home office can give you the ideal space to keep on top of your bills and organize your schedule, or even just give you the perfect little spot to keep your computer and store your stationary.

However, many of us try to create a home office out of a closet, or cram a desk in the corner of the living room or bedroom, often resulting in a cluttered environment; which is not conducive to a good work atmosphere. So how can you make it work?

Well, first of all if you plan on having a successful home office, you will need to allocate some space that you can dedicate to your work environment, or have your homebuilders create a specially designed space that will work for your home. Many of us have spare bedrooms that seem to lie empty for most of the time. But a spare bedroom can be the ideal room for your home office. Plus, it can double as a spare bedroom when you have guests.

By choosing the right style of home decor you can create the perfect home office for your style of working. Before you can bring in some personal home decorations, you need to choose the ideal color scheme for the room. Wall color will play an important role in how well you can work in your new space. Opt for a color that you love and one that will help to stimulate your mind and increase concentration. A neutral palette can still work here but don’t be afraid to brighten up the room with bolder colors, such as with bright artwork on the walls, or cushions on a chair.

When it comes to your desk, choose one that will suit your style of working. One that has enough space for you to work comfortably with all your paperwork and computer accessories. Your chair should also be comfortable and ergonomically designed, especially if you’re going to be spending hours in it at a time. Another good thing to think about is where you’ll position your desk. Try to find the best view in the room and make sure your chair will be facing towards it. Either looking out a window or towards the rest of the room; both are ideal options to prevent you from staring at a wall all day.

Storage will also be important. Try to choose shelves and tall bookcases, so you can utilize the vertical space in the room. Homebuilders can often design storage to fit the room, so this might be an option for you.

Once you’ve got your storage and comfort sorted, you’re going to want to make sure your new space feels like a home office and not simply an office in your home. Make it personal; add a plant or your favorite flowers.

If your new home office will also be your guest room, consider adding a daybed instead of a full size bed, as this can give the room a more comfortable feel for a home office. And when you have guests stay you can easily transform the space into a cozy bedroom.

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