Create the Ideal Playroom for your Kids

Children playing with toys in playroom

Playrooms can be messy and disorganized. But the solution to this problem is organization and storage. You don’t need to have a dedicated room to create the ideal playroom. You can create a play area within another room, doubling the use of your space. But if visions of chaos ensuing in your living room are too much to bear, then we have a few suggestions that might just help.


A playroom needs to be comfortable so that your kids actually want to hang out in there. If you’re using your living room to double as a playroom you’ll obviously want comfy couches. Add cushions and throws to make them extra appealing and create a homely feel. Think about the kids too and have a mixture of textures and patterns to create interest.

Even a beanbag chair can add a little fun to the room without affecting the rest of your home decor. Choose colors and patterns that will work with your existing home decorations so it doesn’t stand out too much. A cozy floor rug, such as sheepskin, can give kids a soft spot to sit while they play on the floor.


Having storage in a playroom is essential. Having storage in your living room if it’s also being used as a playroom is even more essential. Make sure there are shelves for books. Little baskets that coordinate with your home decor can also be placed on shelves, giving you a chic solution for hiding smaller toys.

One fantastic way of storing toys and other items is in your furniture. There are many couches that have storage sections built into them and these can be a great way of hiding messy toys, especially if you’re in a hurry to tidy up before guests arrive. You can also utilize storage chests and hampers that will look modern and stylish in your room while acting as a superb solution for storing children’s things.


A playroom really needs to be organized so that kids know where to find things. If there are dedicated places for certain toys and items, your kids will be able to learn how to tidy up for themselves. Making labels for boxes is a good idea. For a more sophisticated look, it might be a good idea to keep the various boxes hidden within one of your amazing storage solutions if you’re using the room as a living space for adults.


Kids love using their imagination and a playroom can be a brilliant way of encouraging them. Home decorations that will inspire them are always a good idea. A chalkboard can be a fun addition to a playroom, as can educational or inspiring pieces of art on the wall. You can even frame children’s book covers to give them a more elegant appearance on the wall.

A small desk area can be a good idea in a playroom. If it’s in your living room, even a coffee table will do. This can give your kids a place to color or write stories. You may want to invest in some type of table cover for when your kids start coloring, just so your table stays protected.

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