Bring Some Modern Farmhouse Style to your Home

Old bicycle and flowers parked near window of farmhouse at countryside in vintage style

Living in Utah, or indeed anywhere in the USA for that matter, you will likely be familiar with fusing old traditions with new ones. But here in Utah, we have a heritage of bringing contemporary influences to old world aesthetics. And that’s what makes the Modern Farmhouse style such a brilliant choice for the home decor inside your house in Utah.

Homebuilders across the country are embracing this fashionable Modern Farmhouse trend and for good reason. It adds a stylish touch to any home and helps to blend the modern world with the historic charm of days gone by, which is perfect for your Utah home.

One of the main aspects of the Modern Farmhouse style is that it’s designed to keep your home decor up to date while honoring the traditional cultures and the history of the surrounding landscape. And that’s why, with Utah’s history of combining industrial aspects with rustic ones, it can be the ideal style for your home decorations, as it can offer you the conveniences of modern life, together with the welcoming feel of rustic craftsmanship.

So how do you bring this cozy, contemporary style into your home? First of all, you need to bear in mind that this style is all about maintaining a neutral palette and utilizing natural fabrics and materials, which means it can be great for every room in your home. Think natural wool rugs or throws that can add warmth and softness to your home and reclaimed wood that can give you that country feel. Cowhide rugs can also be ideal, especially on a living room floor.

Choose natural woods and stones for your flooring, fireplaces and accents, as this can help to give you that rustic look when combined with your modern or mid century furnishings. Charcoal colors and shades, such as taupes and creams, can work well here. Your lighting can really make a difference to your room too, especially if you go for a more dramatic statement piece. Lighting can be a good way of bringing the industrial style to your design, which can enhance the Modern Farmhouse look.

Keeping walls light in color can help to keep your home feeling bright, while using dark woods for furniture can give you that elegant but rustic farmhouse feel, particularly with an oversized wooden coffee table or large wooden dining table. The trick is to brighten the furnishings with lighter toned accent pieces that will complement the dark wood. Try to keep spaces airy and bright, so if your calling in the homebuilders, lots of big windows and vaulted ceilings are the thing you’re going to want. This will help you to bring the outdoors indoors and help you to connect your home decor with nature.

When you’re trying to implement the Modern Farmhouse style into your home, consider the outdoor landscape and use that to bring elements from it to your home decorations. This style will allow you to mix everything that’s good about the old with all the conveniences of the new and what can be better than that?

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