Brighten Up Any Home with Petal Pink this Summer

Beautiful cherry flowers on stone background

While you may be thinking that pink is for babies or little girls’ bedrooms, the color pink has been setting trends and making a stylish splash this summer. And it’s time to embrace it. No longer is baby pink for onesies. This hot color can transform your home decor and bring it right up to date, all while maintaining your personal touch and keeping it cool.


One of the most simple and natural ways to add a fun pop of pink to your home is through some fabulously placed plants or flower bouquets. Whether you prefer roses, carnations or Gerbera daisies, fill a vase with some pink flowers and sit it on your mantelpiece, coffee table or side table. Any room of your home can be brought to life simply by adding a vase of fresh flowers. Whether your home decor is neutral or bold, modern or classic, flowers can add a soft touch that can bring your room together, creating a homely feel.

If you don’t want flowers inside your home, add some pink flowers outside. Whether you have a patio, a deck, a front porch, a flower garden or a large yard; adding brightly colored flowering plants will revive your outdoor space, making it welcoming and friendly.


Your kitchen or dining area is a place where you can have fun and let your personality shine through, both in your cooking and your home decor. And that’s why it can be the perfect place to brighten up with pink accents. A blush pink tablecloth, pink cutlery or napkins. You can choose to go all out or just with one pink highlighting piece. Pink can have a very delicate appearance, especially blush pink, so it can be an ideal choice for summer dining. Pink and white will give it a fresh look and can also work well for outdoor dining.

Pink and white seat cushions, whether in abstract print or a classic summer stripe, may be all you need to upgrade your dining table for this summer’s family gathering. Or top it off by serving up some pink lemonade.


Many of us will think of childhood bedrooms when it comes to the color pink, but pink has moved on since those days. There are various shades of pink you can opt for and it can work with other home decorations and designs. Coral is a stylish color for summer and can give a tropical feel to a bedroom. Whether you paint a single wall and keep the rest neutral or if you simply opt for coral tone bedding to brighten up a fresh, white room. Summer can also be a great time to choose bedding with bold, tropical prints and pink is one of the hottest colors of the season, so they should be pretty easy to find.

Vertical pink and white stripes can look very stylish in a bedroom, and can work well in any shade of pink. To keep it fresh and more neutral, it can be better to stay with more pastel shades, rather than bold ones. Pastel tones can also be easier to work with when it comes to choosing other soft furnishings or home decorations.

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