Breathe New Life into your Home with a Stylish Houseplant

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New year, new home. But even if you’re not contacting your homebuilders and moving into a new home this year, you can at least make your own home feel fresh and new by bringing the outdoors indoors to update your home decorations.

It’s time to jazz up your living space with a beautiful houseplant that will add a stylish touch to your existing home decor, as well as breathe some new life into your home.

If you want to stay on trend during 2018 then look for plants with bold, colorful leaves or interesting flowers. One of the biggest trends in houseplants for this year is patterns, and particularly leaves that have intriguing textures and designs. Patterned home decorations can improve your interior design and patterned plants can do just the same.

Nerve Plant

The Nerve Plant, or Mosaic Plant (fittonia albivenis) is a stunning plant that loves humidity – after all, it is native to the rainforests of South America. So it will love living in your bathroom or kitchen.

This gorgeous plant gets its name from its striking veined leaves. While it might not sound appealing, the colors of red, pink, white or silver through the veins give it a wonderful pattern against the dark green leaves, making it an ideal plant to add some color and texture to your home.

With the varying colors of the leaves, you can easily choose the color that will best suit your home decor. And the best thing is that it only grows up to one foot tall and wide, so it can be a good choice for smaller spaces.

Rex Begonia

The Rex Begonia (begonia rex) is a fantastic plant for adding a pop of color and texture to your existing home decor. Its patterned foliage and intriguing and varied shapes of its leaves means it can add interest to your interior space.

Not only that, this beautiful houseplant comes in a huge range of colors, allowing you to match your home decor perfectly. Some of the leaf colors include pink, purple, red, white, silver and even shades of green, so it’s a great way to add color to your home and keep it natural. You can even enhance the existing colors in your room by using the plant as an accent piece.

Aluminum Plant

With the Aluminum Plant (pilea cadierei) and its silver colored patterned leaves, it can make a trendy houseplant in any room. With the metallic looking texture and interesting leaves, it will look right at home in a space with neutral, white or modern silver tones.

Because of its compact size, growing up to just one foot tall and wide, it can be a good choice for smaller areas, as long as it’s in a fairly well lit space. The pattern on the leaves will give your home just the touch of texture that it needs to bring it into 2018 and because of the interest on the foliage, you will just need a simple pot or basket and you’ll be good to go!

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