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3 Ways to Remodel Your Home to Make It Safe for Children

Whether you’re trying to make your house safer for your child or you’re only now just expecting, you’ve probably been reading a lot of parenting material. But with all of the things... read more

Affordable Gadgets That Make Your Home Feel High Tech.

One of the great things about technology is that there are many affordable options that make you feel like you just walked into the home of a rockstar. You don’t have to... read more

6 Simple Steps to a Safer Home

Keeping your family safe inside your home doesn’t have to involve bubble wrap and cloistered living.  A few simple steps can give you peace of mind. Have a Plan:  Exits are only... read more

Organizing Your Home Maintenance Tasks

Moving into a new home is so wonderful…and sometimes, oh so stressful. Walking through your new home, running your fingers across the newly painted walls, smelling the new carpet then turning the... read more

6 Fun Facts about Historical Southern Utah

If you’ve recently purchased a home in Southern Utah, know that you are about to move to a location with a history as rich and diverse as its landscape. Here are some... read more

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