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Stunning Spring Updates for Every Room

Now that spring is in full force, it’s time for some updating. We don’t mean large-scale renovations, though spring is usually the perfect time for those, too. All it takes are some... read more

What Can Your Backyard Give Back? Part 2: Fauna

Earlier this month, we explored ways to turn your Utah backyard into a cornucopia of home-grown fruits, berries, and herbs.   Depending on the regulations in your neighborhood, you may be able... read more

What Can Your Backyard Give Back? Part 1: Flora

Landscaping and outdoor maintenance are a vital part of home ownership, but while the front yard might be best used for expressing your style to the neighborhood or for projecting a certain... read more

28 Ways To Transform An Old Chair

You’ll find at least a dozen old, neglected chairs at any thrift store or flea market. They might be ugly or dated, but you’d be surprised how much potential there is, especially... read more

6 Great Reasons To List Your Home This Spring

Spring is finally here with all its colors, flowers, and warm breezes, making it feel like the perfect time to make big changes: like selling your home. After all, that drive for... read more

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