Best Summer Colors to Brighten your Home

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The warm summer season is almost upon us and that means it’s time to get our homes ready and looking fabulous. If you’re still clinging on to some of those winter trends, now is the perfect time to revamp your home decor and introduce some bright summer colors to your home decorations.

Hawaiian Vibes

Channel the spirit of Hawaii by adding some tropical inspired touches to your home decor this summer. The tropical style seems to come back around every year, and with good reason. It’s fun, bright and it makes us feel happy and relaxed – which is how we should feel all summer long.

You will see in stores this season, bold tropical prints, such as leafy patterned fabrics and wall art. This can be all you need to update your home decor from winter to summer.

As for color, opt for bright pink, orange, yellow or turquoise. Mix and match. Think of a tropical landscape; colorful flowers, green palms, and blue oceans, and bring those colors into your home. You can create an exotic retreat in your master bedroom, living room or even your bathroom. The bright colors and the bold leafy prints can work well together and can really bring that summer feel to your home.

Bubblegum Fun

Bubblegum pink is one of the hot colors for this summer. But it’s not just pink. It’s all the fun colors to take you back to your childhood. Ice cream colors, such as peach, lemon, mint, lavender. You can choose to use all of them together to create an exciting summer trend or simply choose one to create a more refined ice cream inspired design.

Kitchens can be great spaces to let loose with these colors, as you’ll find there are lots of culinary gadgets and accessories that will let you really go to town with this. Plus, you can keep the theme and colors going and carry it through to your dining area by dressing your table in these fun shades.

Golden Accents

If you’re looking to modernize your home – whether you’re doing it yourself or having your homebuilders do a remodel – one of the main colors of this summer is gold. It can add a touch of glamour to any room and can give your home decor an instant update.

While you will find gold mirrors, gold accented tables, lights, and other home decorations, one of the most stylish ways you can add gold to your home is by changing your door handles. However, you may find you’ll need to change all your other fixtures and fittings to a gold tone too, or else it could look mismatched.

Bathrooms can be fantastic spaces to add gold, especially when it comes to shower heads, faucets or door knobs. This is where you could also use gold framed mirrors. Black and white bathrooms look particularly sleek with gold accents. But you can also use one of this year’s hottest color trends – blue.

If you’re not quite ready to overhaul your style, you can still add gold tones through your accessories. It will help to highlight your existing style and give it a chic little touch of summer.

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