Best Spring Trends Indoors and Out

Spring is here, and that means it’s time to lighten and brighten things up. It’s a chance to make your home look better than ever and bring things up to date inside and outside.

Indoors, we’re looking to fashion and interior designers to help you make your home a truly stunning spring space.

Colors of the Season

Look to fashion trends to choose your new favorite spring colors, including the best and brightest colors of the season.

Bold jewel tones for your interior include rich dark teal, burgundy, and indigo.

For lighter and brighter hues, bring in some coral for a coastal feel, persimmon to echo desert flowers and sweet citrus, and periwinkle for a touch of blue sky.

And if you need more inspiration beyond traditional spring pastels, try emerald green or turquoise.

Patterns and Accents

A vibrant spring feel isn’t just about the colors you use but how you use them. Color blocking is big, and it can stretch across furniture and walls to move your eye and tie things together.

Try popular gingham in different colors to add a little classic cottage feel. Soft florals will do the trick, too, especially in wallpaper or upholstery. And speaking of wallpaper, consider geometric patterns on accent walls or somewhere more unexpected like the bathroom to make it feel more like a living space.

If you really want to improve your bathroom décor, bring in statement mirrors to replace the regular old rectangle. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

For fresh accent materials, look to Lucite, brass, and outdoor fabric. Lucite is becoming a trendy and timeless choice for tabletops and other locales. Brass is perfect for fixtures from faucets to lighting to mirror frames. And outdoor fabric is coming indoors because it’s stylish and durable.

Outdoor Beauty

Outdoors, you can get the right landscaping to really bring your curb appeal to life. And not just for spring—these beauties, from the Better Homes and Gardens list of the best new trees and shrubs for the year, are spectacular in spring, summer, and fall.

Hydrangeas: These beautiful full florals are best en masse where they can really show off their vibrant colors. If your yard needs some pink, the new “fuschia glow” variety will give your landscape palette a real kick.

Abelia: This large plant gives you clusters of fragrant flowers in spring and summer and orange foliage in the fall. The new “sweet emotion” abelia has a spicy-sweet scent that’s simply breathtaking.

Diervilla: “Kodiak orange” and “Kodiak black” are the new choices for this unique flowering shrub. They’re drought-tolerant, making them perfect for a dry climate like northern Utah. And butterflies love them.

Backyard Living

For the backyard, think outdoor living. Invest in a multifunctional patio set that can make the switch from dining to conversation and relaxation. An outdoor daybed is perfect for fashion and function, giving you an outdoor retreat for a chat, a book, or a nap in the springtime sun.


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